Advanced Practice Physical Therapy Specialists

Physical Therapy is a field of medicine devoted to helping people recover from disabilities caused by physical injury, illness, or disease. Physical therapy or physical rehabilitation therapy is the attempt to rehabilitate a patient, usually after a medical diagnosis has been made. Physical therapists often use techniques and exercises that help restore joint mobility, strength, and function, allowing the patient to move around and do some of the normal activities of life again. These techniques are designed to help improve an individual’s ability to perform activities of daily living.

One example of physical therapy is known as ultrasound therapy, which uses sound waves to generate stimulation in the joints and surrounding area to aid in rehabilitation. Some examples of exercises that can be done with this technique include strengthening the back muscles. Another is heat therapy, which may be used to treat back pain. It involves applying warm compresses to reduce swelling in the area. Physical therapy can also be done to treat injuries such as strains, sprains, ligament tears, and muscle spasms.

In order to become certified as a physical therapist, physical therapy specialists must undergo rigorous training in the various techniques used. They also must successfully complete a board certification therapy program. The requirements for this certification program vary from state to state, but in general, it requires the physical therapist to have at least a Master’s degree in an appropriate field. Some states require additional education and certification to become a physical therapist, including CPR. In most cases, physical therapy specialists will continue their education by taking classes that further their knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

To be an effective physical therapy specialist, it is important that physical therapy specialists understand how different techniques and treatments work on different people. This includes understanding what physical therapy is not, as well as what it does. Physical therapy is not designed to treat symptoms, but to help a patient live as well as possible while they are receiving medical care. A physical therapist can only be so effective in treating back pain if they have knowledge of how the body operates, what it is made of and how to identify which treatment will be most effective for each individual situation. This information is necessary for patients, health insurance providers, and therapists alike.

It is also important for physical therapy specialists to have an understanding of medical terminology. Many times it can be very difficult for someone who is unfamiliar with medical terminology to understand what the therapist is telling them. To ensure that patients receive the best treatment possible it is vital that advanced practice physical therapy therapists take the time to learn as much as they can about their patients, their bodies, and the medical system in which they operate.

There are several types of advanced practice physical therapy therapists. Orthopedic physical therapists treat patients with musculoskeletal disorders of the skeletal system. Cardiovascular orthopedic therapists treat patients with conditions such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Pediatric orthopedic therapists treat children and adolescents with a range of medical conditions such as cerebral palsy, epilepsy, asthma, and diabetes to name just a few. An additional type of advanced practice physical therapy specialist is a rheumatologist, who treats patients with diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and Lupus.

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