Dishwasher Drain Repair – Tips on How to Fix Your Backsplash Or Dishes

Dishwasher Drain Repair is an easy task for any handyman. In fact, many people do not even know that they have a clog in their drain until it is too late. Over time, a clogged drain hose causes a dishwasher to back up and it may also cause a small leak in the drain itself. These leaks can lead to rust building up in your plumbing system if you do not take immediate action and repair the problem.

To begin dishwasher drain repair, unplug the device from the wall and open up the trap. Check the drain tube for any clogs and clean it thoroughly. If there are no clogs, then remove the trap from the wall and gently bend the drain hose. This will help to release any trapped air within the clogged hose. If you cannot completely release the air pressure inside the clog, use the flat head screwdriver to break the seal and lift the hose out.

Next, check the connections of the drain valve that controls the flow of dirty water into your dishwasher. Make sure all connections are secure and clean. If you find dirt on one of the connections, it will prevent the water from passing through the dishwasher drain valve and will result in a clog. Replace the faulty connection.

Using a flashlight, shine a flashlight down the drain channel to check for rust or signs of wear and tear on the pipe that connects to the bottom drain valve assembly. If you see signs of wear or damage in these areas, the repair job may be complicated. Instead, replace the drain valve with a new one.

Another common problem that causes your dishes to smell musty is backed up sewage. In this case, you should open the drain channel to unclog the dirty water from the pipes. You can do this by lifting the floor drain and gently bending it back. It should snap back easily when you break it.

To determine the correct dishwasher check valve part number, you should consult the manufacturer’s guide or the distributors information pack. Some manufacturers indicate the part number on the package, but many other distributors have the part number listed on the back of the appliance or in the manual. Before you buy a new valve, read the manual carefully. After you find the correct dishwasher drain check valve part number for the model and make, contact the supplier or distributor. They should provide you with replacement parts.

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