What to Expect From Your Auto Grease Trap Cleaning

Restaurant grease traps are an important part of the restaurant cleaning process. In most cases, grease traps are required to be cleaned out by your restaurants owners at least once a month. So, as well as the standard 1/3 rule, your establishment should also pay close attention to any additional ordinances, rules, or regulations in place in your city.

The grease trap is a large plastic box with an interior filled with a mixture of water and detergent. A lever pulls the plunger from inside the trap and releases the water into the trap. If you find the trap filled with water, the plunger has been overfilled and the water is ready for the drain. However, if the trap is empty, it’s possible that the plunger has been pulled back too far and is not allowing the grease to drain properly.

It is very important that you check the grease trap at least once a week and flush out any dirt and grease that may have collected over time. You may also need to clean the trap if you notice that there is a lot of grease floating around in the bottom of the trap. The grease trap cleaning process is not difficult but can take some time. The cleaning process usually involves running a large hose over the trap to clear away the grease.

Before you start, remove any plates from the grease trap and any greasy dishes from the refrigerator. Rinse all food off with a large bowl so that the grease is completely removed. Now you can remove any plates and dishes from the refrigerated area of the trap. If you have an ice maker, make sure to turn the ice on first. You may also want to use the dishwasher.

Remove the plates and dishes from the grease trap and place them in a trash bag. Throw out the trash bag after each cleaning. Now it’s time to flush out the traps. Again, use a large hose to spray the grease trap and drain it with water.

You may even want to hire a professional for grease trap cleaning. But in order to save money, you can do the grease trap cleaning yourself using a manual method.

The first step to grease trap cleaning is to open the trap. Then spray the inside of the trap with detergent and water. This will wash away all of the grease, soap scum, and dirt. After washing, you can wipe the inside of the trap down with a cloth.

The next step is to close the trap and then repeat the previous steps. until you reach the drain. If you do not drain the trap completely after the cleaning cycle, it’s time to refill it with more detergent.

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